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The comments on this page are from Wood Badge course participants.  They have not been edited, and will not be posted without the authors name.


Received on February 23, 2009


I took this course last summer and had the time of my life! It's not just about Scouting, it's a course in group dynamics and management, project management and personal motivation.

I highly recommend it to all leaders, not just for Scout Leadership, but more importantly, for personal growth. I guarantee the same training you receive would cost you thousands if taken at another venue and you wouldn't have near the entertainment.

This course is a gas, and, the second weekend, you get to camp... without any kids... just you and other adults having fun!


Dave Sislow
C-22-08 Eagle Patrol

Received on October 10, 2010


Enjoyed the last part of the course - coaching and mentoring and the Scoutmaster's wrap - up. it put everything into perspective. The goals really help us practice what we learned.

I learned a lot about Cub Scouts and some about Varsity through my peers and the projects.

It was an awesome, out-of-this world experience that I will remember for the rest of my life! We had a real "PERFORMING" PATROL!


Cheryl Susman
C-03-10 Beaver Patrol

Received on October 10, 2010


What didn't I learn! That was a great training program. Great uses of audio visual, learning materials, use of methodology. It was just plain and simple a great training. I walked away with a great understanding of my own potential. I look forward to sharing what I have gained.  

Mark Hobson
C-03-10 Bobwhite Patrol

Received on October 11, 2010


I think going through Wood Badge this year I was able to grow as a leader. I came away with countless new skills, as well as a better appreciation of the Boy Scouting program. The course director and staff were outstanding. They gave many hours of their personal lives to make our experience memorable. Each staff member gave us all the tools to be successful, as well as encouraged us along the way. The courses design was excellent and gave all participants a chance to be part of patrol/troop, so we can see the program through the eyes of young people. That gave us a better understanding of what the young people go through every day. Finally, I will always cherish the times I spent at Wood Badge. I made new friends and came away a different person. A better person.


Ian C. Hopkins
C-03-10 Owl Patrol

Received on October 11, 2010


The course was amazing.


Gordon Searle
C-03-10 Antelope Patrol

Received on October 05, 2011


I would recommend this course to any one in Scouting, but would also say it would be a quality leadership course for any one in team/management positions.


Richard Rainer
C7-129-11-01 Eagle Patrol

Received on October 07, 2011


I am truly proud to be a member of this group of people who have the power to change the lives of so many young people.


John Helmich
C7-129-11-01 Fox Patrol

Received on October 16, 2012


The passion of the staff shows through - excellent execution and outstanding leadership. Nice job to all!


Mike Dashnaw
C7-129-12 Beaver Patrol

Received on October 17, 2012


The course was amazing!!! Had such an awesome experience. Short of a little more protein in the morning, and a snack bar to cater to my every whim, nothing could have been better!!


Amy Modell
C7-129-12 Owl Patrol

Received on September 22, 2013


I will forever remember the people of this course, the teachings, and will pay this forward. What a heart changing event!


John Ramsey
C7-129-13 Beaver Patrol

Received on September 22, 2013


I Great course, well worth my time and energy. Thanks


Jim Butts
C7-129-13 Eagle Patrol

Received on September 22, 2013


You need to know that you all made this the best training course I have ever had. Thank you for helping me to discover, learn & grow. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!


Ted Griffis
C7-129-13 Bobwhite Patrol

Received on September 22, 2013


You did a great job. No need to pay $3000 for that Saturday executive leadership, or camping mini MBA, blah, blah, blah course. I think this one had it all!


Kevin Butler
C7-129-13 Bobwhite Patrol

Received on September 22, 2013


I have not had this much fun in a long time. I am glad to be here and to be an Owl! I wish I could go through this program again! (maybe as a staff member . . . someday??) :)


Erik "Blond feather" Carey
C7-129-13 Owl Patrol

Received on September 22, 2013


Keep up the good work! I had a great time despite being from another council, I felt very welcome. I am grateful to have gotten to know everyone here. I have made lifelong friends. I plan on keeping in touch! Now off to work my ticket.


Farion R. Williams
C7-129-13 Fox Patrol

Received on September 26, 2014


The whole experience was great and you can tell that a lot of time and planning went into this. We only had to give up two weekends but staff gave up a lot more. In speaking with many of the other Wood Badge participants, they understood the sacrifice staff gave, so we could all have this great experience. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


Jim Reed

C7-129-14 Bear Patrol


Received on October 18, 2014


Overall I think the course was awesome and had a really great time, found myself doing things I would never have done before....like talking or acting out a skit in front of all those people. Would love to take it again just because of the friendships that were made during the course. Very inspirational!!!


Jo Matthews

C7-129-14 Bobwhite Patrol


Received on September 23, 2016


I have not yet recovered from Wood Badge. It was a phenomenal training and I loved that every day I didn't know how the day flew by . . . . and, I didn't want it to end! Thank you, you are all amazing individuals and I am a better person (or a beaver) for going through the course and meeting everyone. And, having as much fun as if I was at camp and a kid. Seriously we need more "fun with a purpose camp for adults"! :)


Wendy Rohrs

C7-129-16 Beaver Patrol


Received on August 23, 2018


A personal thank you for a job well done. Greatly enjoy the effort and outstanding program you have put together for us.  Appreciating the process and looking forward to our next gathering.


Also, a special nod to Bob and the kitchen crew. Outstanding!


Kevin Stevens

C7-129-18 Bobwhite Patrol


Received on August 27, 2018


First, let me just say that my first night back in my bed was the best night's sleep I've had in a looooong time.


Having said that, what an amazing weekend this was! It was crazy-hard and fun at the same time, and every single aspect was like nothing I've ever experienced before. And I was shocked to find myself feeling like a different person when I came home. I was more confident in my parenting, and less reactive to my son's button-pushing. I can't wait to see how this manifests in other areas of my life, as well.


Shawn Kueber

C7-129-18 Fox Patrol


Received on August 27, 2018


Burt and all others, I hope you had as much fun and many learnings as I did during our first weekend…


Dwight McKabney

C7-129-18 Owl Patrol


Received on August 27, 2018


I had a great time at our first weekend of Wood Badge.  This was better than any corporate training I have ever taken!  I was very impressed at the ratio of staff to candidates, about 1 staff for every 2 candidates! Very impressive!


It was certainly action packed, well organized and executed.  WELL DONE.  I really look forward to the next session.


Chris Philbrick

C7-129-18 Bobwhite Patrol


Received on March 21, 2019


At this time last year I was an unregistered adult with a decent amount of free time....


Fast forward to now and I’m helping to lead a fantastic group of young ladies who are marching quickly on the path to Eagle.... and long gone is any of my free time :)


The skills I learned at Wood Badge were invaluable in getting me up to speed. It is as a direct result of one of my tickets that I met my new troop and became a leader with them.


Having the beading ceremony at my girls’ first court of honor will be very special to me.


Laurie Myerholtz

C7-129-18 Antelope Patrol



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