Fifteenth International Resolution


The Boy Scouts Fifteenth International Conference meeting at Niagara Falls, Canada, in August, 1955, passed the following resolutions:



The Conference expresses its most cordial appreciation of the excellent service being rendered to International Scouting by the Camp Chief at Gilwell Park, Mr. John Thurman, the staff at Gilwell and all members of the International Gilwell Training Team.



The Conference records with pleasure and satisfaction the world-wide adoption of the Wood Badge training system. It feels it important to maintain and safeguard the copyright of the relevant insignia.


The Conference confirms that the various emblems used in connection with the Wood Badge system of training may only be awarded to Scouters and officers who have qualified by gaining the proper certificates and on the authority of the National Training Commissioner or members of the International Gilwefl Training Team, who hold Honourable Charges as such, in recognised member Associations of the Conference.


Specifically these emblems are:

THE GILWELL WOGGLE: A “Turk’s Bead” scarf slide of two strands made in round leather thong


THE WOOD BADGE: Two wooden beads, facsimile of the Dinizulu necklace, worn on a leather thong or cord round the neck.


THE GILWELL SCARF: Grey scarf with a red lining bearing a Maclaren tartan patch on the point.


No modification or addition may be made to the scarf.


The Conference further confirms that the terms “Wood Badge,” “Wood Badge Course” and “Wood Badge Parchment,” and the titles “Akela Leader” and “Deputy Camp Chief” may only be used in connection with this system of training, carried out under authorised leaders and as outlined in the pamphlet of” The training of Scouters and the International Gilwell Training Team.”



Wood Badge Regalia
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