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Wood Badge teaches leadership and management concepts.  It lets you experience what it is like to grow from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting and Venturing.  When you arrive you are a member of Cub Scout Pack 1.  You will engage in Den and Pack activities, concluding with a Blue and Gold luncheon. Your time as a Boy Scout is spent in patrols living the leadership and management concepts.  Then as Venturers, you demonstrate leadership through a team presentation.

Throughout the course there will be presentation handouts for all topics, and note taking is highly recommended.  If taking notes is not your thing, please realize that many parts of the curriculum are licensed and /or copyrighted.  Therefore, getting hardcopy of some information will require you to purchase your own book or use your local library.  You may also read your Gilwell Gazette each morning for a high level summary of the previous day's presentations.

Should you want to obtain additional materials, we have provided a list of books that contain the concepts presented to assist you, and used in the development of the course.  We have also provided a source list for the movies and video clips used in the presentations.

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Revised: 2021/04/11