For the Cluster made up of the following councils:
   Northeast Illinois, Thatcher Woods, & Northwest Suburban
Course Numbers are: Region, Course number from first course offered, W = Weekend

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 1974  EC-29  Northeast Illinois  Jack Osborne  Camp Makajawan
 1975  EC-58  Northeast Illinois  Phil Newman  (Deceased)  Camp Makajawan
 1975  EC-69  Northwest Suburban  Walt Kekera  Camp Napawon
 1976  EC-96  Northeast Illinois  Bill Gregory  Camp Makajawan
 1977  EC-119  Northeast Illinois  Jim Chandler (Deceased)  Camp Makajawan
 1978  EC-136  Northeast Illinois  George Van Pelt  Camp Makajawan
 1979  EC-168  Northwest Suburban  Bill Gregory  Camp Napawon
 1980  EC-189  Northeast Illinois  Dick Lamermayer  Camp Makajawan
 1981  EC-215W  Northwest Suburban  Karl Siedentop (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1982  EC-229  Thatcher Woods  Bob Sievert  Camp Shin-go-beek
 1983  EC-255  Northeast Illinois  Don Van Devander  Camp Makajawan
 1984  EC-289W  Northwest Suburban  Karl Siedentop (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1985  EC-309W  Thatcher Woods  Bob Sievert  Camp Louden
 1986  EC-316W  Northeast Illinois  Dick Lamermayer  Camp Lakota


Thatcher Woods council separated from the cluster, due to a council merger

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 1987  EC-354W  Northwest Suburban  Charlie Madigan  Camp Lakota
 1988  EC-376W  Northeast Illinois  Don Swanson  Camp Lakota
 1989  EC-386  Northwest Suburban  Karl Siedentop  (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1990  EC-415W  Northeast Illinois  Harlan Mummert (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1991  EC-441W  Northwest Suburban  Jim Hoffman (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1992  EC-461W  Northeast Illinois  Bob Mueller (Deceased)  Camp Lakota


Central Region is Formed - The National Council goes from 7 to 5 Regions in 1992
Course Numbering Changed to Reflect Region and year of course

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 1993  C-23-93  Northwest Suburban  Charlie Madigan  Camp Lakota
 1994  C-30-94  Northeast Illinois  Joe Fay (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1995  C-18-95  Northwest Suburban  Bob Smeenge (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1996  C-19-96  Northeast Illinois  Charlie Yells (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1997  C-05-97  Northwest Suburban  Arthur Hannah  Camp Lakota
 1998  C-07-98  Northeast Illinois  Donald Martin (Deceased)  Camp Lakota
 1999  C-03-99  Northwest Suburban  Arthur Steinke, Jr.  Camp Lakota
 2000  C-20-00  Northeast Illinois  Dixon Brandt  Camp Lakota


21st Century Wood Badge Course Begins

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 2001  C-03-01  Northwest Suburban  Lou Akins  Camp Lakota
 2002  C-14-02  Northeast Illinois  Vickie Henderson  Camps Oh-Da-Ko-Ta & Sol R. Crown


Northwest Suburban council separated from the cluster in 2002

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 2003  C-48-03  Northeast Illinois  Jim Lindemann  Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta
 2004  C-48-04  Northeast Illinois  Earl Knodel  Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta
 2005  C-27-05  Northeast Illinois  Felicia Brandt  Indian Mound Reservation
 2006  C-47-06  Northeast Illinois  Dick Raup  Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta
 2007  C-22-07  Northeast Illinois  Rich Zahnle  Camps Oh-Da-Ko-Ta & Sol R. Crown
 2008  C-22-08  Northeast Illinois  William Pepito  Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta
 2009  C-18-09  Northeast Illinois  Milton McDougald  Indian Mound Reservation
 2010  C-03-10  Northeast Illinois  Joanne Osmond  Camp Sol R. Crown


21st Century Wood Badge Course Numbers Change to Reflect the Area,
Host Council, Year and number of courses offered by Host Council. Fall 2010

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 2011  C7-129-11-01  Northeast Illinois  Tim McKeown  Camp Sol R. Crown
 2012  C7-129-12  Northeast Illinois  Chip Smith  Camp Sol R. Crown
 2013  C7-129-13  Northeast Illinois  Ron Peterson  Camp Sol R. Crown


21st Century was dropped from the course name, fall 2013, and is now Wood Badge.

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 2014  C7-129-14  Northeast Illinois  Bill Covington  Camp Sol R. Crown
 2015  C7-129-15  Northeast Illinois  Rick Ryan  Camp Sol R. Crown
 2016  C7-129-16  Northeast Illinois  Buff Hoffberg (Deceased)  Camp Sol R. Crown
 2017  C7-129-17  Northeast Illinois  Steve Chodash  Camp Sol R. Crown
 2018  C7-129-18  Northeast Illinois  Lee Haak  Camp Sol R. Crown


Centennial Wood Badge Regional Pilot courses began, Spring 2018 through Fall 2019.
(Pilot courses incorporated the first major revisions of the 2010 syllabus, for field testing.)

 Year  Course  Host Council  Course Director  Location
 2019  C7-129-19  Northeast Illinois  Chris Fardoux  Camp Sol R. Crown  (Regional Pilot course)
 2020  C7-129-20  Northeast Illinois  Dan Kublank  Camp Sol R. Crown  (Centennial)



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